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On Your Mark

DPN helps communities, organizations and businesses develop their “brand” and reach targeted audiences through strategic marketing initiatives that help to build brand “equity,” loyalty and strength in the marketplace.

Advanced market research techniques and interactive design processes provide direction for branding concepts and marketing strategies which build upon distinguishing features and opportunities in the marketplace. We work with each client to gain a solid understanding of competitive advantages and distinct features, and develop tools and collateral to communicate these assets as part of a strategic marketing initiative.

DPN’s creative services division develops the “look” and “message” that serves as the foundation for a branding system incorporating a variety of media and communications tools. Branding system strategies, tools and products can effectively be incorporated as part of a comprehensive, seamless portfolio that can be applied to a wide variety of marketing, promotion and development tools and initiatives including:

glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Advertising Campaigns
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Business Directories and Brochures
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Business Recruitment Campaigns
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Cooperative Advertising Programs
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Design Guidelines
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Direct Marketing
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Events and Festivals
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Fundraising and Capital Campaigns
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Image Enhancement Campaigns
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Internet Websites
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Media Kits
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Newsletters
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Public Improvements
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Public Relations Programs and Campaigns
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Streetscape Designs and Enhancements
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Tourism Development and Marketing
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th Wayfinding Signage and Systems

Downtown Professionals Network marketing and creative specialists work closely with clients — from product inception to completion — to examine the market, identify opportunities, and develop concepts and strategies that will advance short- and long-term goals.


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