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Solutions for community, downtown and business district economic development, redevelopment and revitalization.

Downtown Professionals Network (DPN) is a planning and research firm specializing in solutions for community, downtown and business district economic development, redevelopment and revitalization. Founded in 2000, DPN has evolved to serve a clientele that includes local, state and national economic development entities, municipalities, Main Street and downtown development organizations, non-profit groups and private businesses.

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DPN brings together firms and individuals with a strong record of past work and success. DPN consultants are highly experienced specialists and practitioners from both the private and public sectors who collaborate to advance local economic development, redevelopment and revitalization initiatives. Our areas of specialty include:

glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th   Business Retention and Recruitment
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th   Community Planning and Development
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th   Economic Development
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th   Historic Preservation
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th   Housing Analysis and Development
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th   Main Street Technical Assistance
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th   Market Research and Analysis
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th   Marketing, Promotion and Branding
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th   Master and Land Use Planning
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th   Public Space Planning and Design
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th   Real Estate Development
glossy-dark-red-icon-button-th   Site Evaluation and Analysis
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Our Team, Your Partners

Jay Schlinsog, CMSM, owner and managing principal, established Downtown Professionals Network (DPN) in 2000 after completing tenures as the chief executive with downtown and community development organizations in Idaho, Illinois, Washington and Wisconsin.

Our network includes former downtown, business district and community development management executives and private sector practitioners with “real world” hands-on experience. We share our experience and “lessons learned” to offer practical advice and solutions for community organizations and local initiatives.

Over the course of our history, industry-leading consultants located throughout the United States have collaborated with DPN to complete assignments in communities, urban areas and neighborhoods of nearly all sizes. Our structure and approach match the unique talents, skills and experience of network consultants and partners with the individual goals and needs of each DPN client.

Now in its thirteenth year, DPN has established a strong track record of past work and success, and is primed to apply our skills and experience as a strong partner working toward the continued enhancement and ultimate success of development and revitalization initiatives in communities, business districts and neighborhoods across the United States.

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